ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Systems (OHS)
January 25, 2018
Auditor Transport, Logistics, Supply Chain Management Systems (COR)
February 27, 2018
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Lead Quality Auditor + Transport, Logistics, Supply Chain Management Systems (COR)

$1,895.00 + GST

This program includes the first years Auditor Accreditation Fee from Accredit Global.  Each year on your program completion anniversary you will be charged a yearly renewal fee for your Accredit Global membership of $500 inclusive of GST.


Every transport and logistics operator globally must under new Standards and Laws must ensure you deliver a high-quality service, on time, no matter what the circumstances.  Auditor Training Global is a global accredited provider under Accredit Global against ISO 45000 Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain to implement the right systems, policies, procedures and controls to build an efficient, reliable and safe international logistics network.   For firms to operate seamlessly and maintain a reputation as a reliable business partner our ISO Audit Standards assists organisations to minimise risk and environmental impacts to improve profitability, network design, fleet management and employee engagement.

What are the benefits of ISO Management System for Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain ?

ISO45000 brings big benefits to companies of all sizes. By allowing you to respond to the increasing customer demands for proof of systematic security management, an ISO compliant management system can improve your business confidence, reputation and future growth. It also helps you:

  • Facilitate trade and expedite the transport of goods across borders
  • Monitor and manage security risks throughout your business and supply chain
  • Gain a competitive advantage and win new business
  • Encourage companies to secure their own processes within supply chains
  • Reassure stakeholders of  your organization’s commitment to the safety of individuals and security of goods and services
  • Allows management to focus finite resources in areas of greatest concern
  • Benchmarks your organization’s security management practices with international best practice
  • Achieve cost savings through a reduction in security incidents and potential reduction in corporate insurance premiums
  • Gain opportunities to improve efficiency across working practice

ISO Management System for Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain

The global transportation of goods has never been so complex, and poses many threats for organizations including theft, terrorism, smuggling, preservation of brand integrity and product safety. However, organizations can demonstrate that they have identified critical aspects to the security of their supply chain and have policies, procedures and controls in place to manage security risks with ISO 28000

What are the benefits of ISO45000?

  • It is structured and presented to be equally accessible for both suppliers and buyer
  • It is based on international consensus developed by procurement and supply chain professionals drawn from UK, US and APAC
  • Includes a wide range of potentially relevant topic modules such as capacity & capabilities, environmental management, employment policies, business continuity, traceability and data protection to name a few
  • The modular approach to the information required permits the building of respective modules into a customized matrix supported by a common set of application principles or rules.
  • Provides a degree of flexibility for tailoring the information to particular organizational needs whilst at the same time retaining a robust, repeatable approach
  • Helps mitigate risks and reputation damage

Supply Chain Risk Management – Supplier prequalification

ISO45000 Supply Chain Risk Management- Supplier prequalification standard is a supply chain pre-qualification framework that supports procurement activity for businesses of all sizes, all sectors and across the globe.

ISO45000 standard has been developed in response to clients around the world requesting a universal standard that would combine supplier profiles, capabilities and performance in order to make informed decisions about whether or not to engage with a potential supply chain partner.

Our new standard ISO45000 helps address these issues and specifies a universal package of supplier information to be shared with supply chain partners. This covers key supplier information, capabilities and performance which will help buyers trace back & secure their supply chains, mitigate risk and brand reputation and for suppliers to promote their products